Coffee's Sense of Beauty

Coffee's Sense of Beauty

Posted by Wen Yang on Aug 24th 2016

For Voca, the beautiful coffee must start with the intriguing fragrance, and then followed by the right balance of brightness and sweetness, the crisp structure of complexity, and yet it has to reflect the true characteristics of the different types of quality specialty coffee beans.

↑ This is a simplified version of SCAA coffee taster’s flavor wheel. Does it look familiar? Yes, just like wine, coffee has similar whole spectrum of flavors, body and aroma.

Design Roast Profiles Reflecting Beans’ True Characteristics

Every lot of beans has their own characteristics. It requires careful studying beans, designing roast profiles, sometimes a lot of trial-and-learn, to reach the very balancing point of aroma and taste. Even the beans from the same region, for example Ethiopia, would require different curves in the rise of temperature to reach the right complexity, yet to preserve the delicacy of fragrance, balance of citrus notes and sweetness.


Using professional coffee roaster and computer monitoring perfecting the roasting profile, to unleash the beautiful nuances of the beans. 


Roast-to-order for Ultimate Freshness

The beauty of coffee depends on freshness. The best chance to unleash the true beauty of quality beans is to brew them within the first month after they are roasted. Sometimes even within the first two weeks. We choose roast to order, so the beans always reach you at the freshest.

Ritualistic Cupping to Assure Roast Quality

As a way of quality control, I do cupping for every batch I roast. It’s not just a dry routine. I found true satisfaction and serenity in cupping itself.

Brew with Precision and Elegance

To bring up the every bit the beautiful nuances of the fine roasted beans, it is about precision and elegance in coffee brewing. 

Wetting and warming the brewers before brewing and carefully lay the filter paper nice and even.

Brewing pour over coffee. Slow pouring in a rhythm brings serenity to the coffee soul.

At Voca coffee, from roast to brew, we'd like to present you the beautiful natural characteristics of the world's best coffee, at their peak freshness and the balance of fragrance, flavors and body. 

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