Connecting Coffee with Culture and Art

Connecting Coffee with Culture and Art

Posted by Wen Yang on Aug 18th 2016

When I was conceptualizing Voca Coffee one year ago, I realized that I could connect the two passions of mine: coffee and calligraphy. Will they really go well together?

 ↑ Coffee served in a mini Chinese tea cup, and Chinese calligraphy inscribed tiramisu

Tiramisu is probably the most common dessert that goes with coffee worldwide. This traditional Italian soft tiramisu recipe works extremely well with Chinese calligraphy cocoa-powder “inscriptions”. The above are the traditional Italian tiramisu decorated with cocoa-powdered calligraphy art. 


 ↑ Eaves-tile ornament artifacts from around1800 years ago

Eaves-tile ornaments are small accessories in classical Chinese architecture fixed at the end of rafters for decoration and for shielding the eaves from wind and rain. It’s an art involving language, literature, aesthetics, calligraphy, carving and architecture. Not only eaves-tile ornament reflects the culture, history and economics, they also mirrors vividly how people infuse art and beauty in everyday life.


↑ Traditional Italian tiramisu decorated with cocoa powder calligraphy in the art form of eaves-tile ornaments.

Coffee in western culture is equivalent to tea in oriental.They are engraved in people’s daily life. I find it’s so natural to drink coffee when I practice Chinese calligraphy, no matter it’s an espresso drink with latte art, or a hand pour black coffee.

When I realized that I could truly connect the western, eastern cultures and art forms together, I decided infusing them into coffee would be my starting point.

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