Guatemala 100% SWP DECAF - Strawberry Barley Tea(危地馬拉100%健康水處理無因咖啡 - 草莓薏仁茶風味)

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Flavor Notes:
Strawberry, barley tea and brown sugar aroma
Roast Level:
Medium to dark

This medium roasted Guatemala coffee has fresh and mild acidity like strawberry, impressive brown sugar sweet aroma, with smooth nutty tone.

A very sweet and juicy espresso.

More Bean Facts    
Origin Country: Guatemala  
Region: Hunapu, Volcan de Agua, Antigua      
Farm/Trader: Small farms around Hunapu area  
Elevation: 1600~1900 meters  
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica  
Grade: SHB EP  
Processing Method: Wet processed and 100% SWP Decaffeinated  

Recommended Brew

Recommended for Easy Pour Over, Pour Over, AeroPress and Espresso.

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