New - Panama Esmeralda Geisha - Bergamot Marmalade and Perfumery Floral(新品 - 巴拿马翡翠庄园姬香 - 蜜制佛手柑风味 - 超級幽香 - 花香型)

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Flavor Notes:
Bergamot Marmalade, Vanila, Jasmine, Sweet Orange Blossoms
Roast Level:
Light to medium


This stellar Geisha coffee comes from the legendary Hacienda Les Esmeralda farm in Panama, with cupping score of 92.8.

Geisha, also called Gesha, was originated from Ethiopia. It was brought to Central America in middle 20th century. Since then, it has been grown in many Central and South American countries, like Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, and Guatemala etc.

Even though Gesha had been grown in Ethiopia for much longer time, it did not become famous until 2004, in Panama, when a Geisha from a family farm called Hacienda La Esmeralda more or less blew away the competition at the Best of Panama competition — the coffee was so lusciously floral and sweet that it is unforgettable and unmistakable. Since then, the demand for Gesha has been growing world wide and its price has been drastically inflating as well. By now, Geisha has established itself as the best coffee and the most expensive coffee in the world.  

Yes, and this coffee is from the exact Esmeralda farm who made Geisha famous at the place and continue to produce the award winning Geisha coffee ever since.

This coffee is probably the sweetest coffee we have ever roasted. 

This is a light to medium roast with flavor notes of: Bergamot Marmalade, Vanilla, Jasmine, Sweet Orange Blossoms.

The Geisha beans smells lightly sweet. Once you grind them, it started with some fruity fragrance, and slight floral hint; then followed by vanilla, later intense sweet orange blossom fragrance. 

When water hits the grinds, more honey and floral essences came out all through the brew. When you finish the brew, and pour it into your cup, don't drink it yet, but try inhale the moist steam, and find the sweet jasmine aroma. Not the star Jasmine, but the round-shaped petal Arabian Jasmine. 

Depends on how you brew it, it can taste delicate, complex with subtle nuances; it can also be bright, vivid and crisp and expressive; it can also be intense, strong and thick. 

You won't miss the citrus notes, some times it feel like light and fresh lemonade, or juicy sweet orange; or even jammy bergamot marmalade.  

More Bean Facts    
Origin Country: Panama  
Region: Palmira, Chiriqui  
Farm/Trader: Hacienda Les Esmeralda  
Elevation: 1500 meters  
Variety: Geisha  
Grade: Estate  
Processing Method: Wet processed  

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Brew Recommendations

Recommended for Pour Over.

Recommended water temperature 197F; recommended bean to water ratio 1:16; recommended brew time: around 2 minutes.

I would recommend to brew this coffee between the 5th to 15th day after roasting, to experience the best of this Geisha. The aroma and fragrance of this Geisha are complex and change day by day.

If you brew Pour Over or French Press, you want to grind it slightly finer than you usually do and have lightly shorter brew time. And drink it black to experience the complex, intensely sweet and juicy cup, while indulging in the perfumery floral aroma.

See below for a video about brewing Geisha using Hario V60.



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