New - Sumatra - Classical Earthy Smooth (新品 - 苏门答腊 -经典浓醇)

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Flavor Notes:
Smooth, caramel, dark chocolate, spice and burned sugar aroma
Roast Level:
Medium to dark

One of Voca’s most favorite classical coffee beans. Amazingly smooth, intense, complex, with expressive cider and herbal aroma, sweet and syrupy mouth feel, heavy body, smooth, low acidity. 

Recommended for classical coffee lovers, who prefers the low acidity, big body strong coffee.

We continue to offer fresh seasonal coffee beans. This new Sumatra beans are from the high elevation mountain area in West Sumatra. For this particular lot, there are a couple of things worth mentioning:

  • Rare high elevation - Grown at 1400 ~ 1500 meters high mountain terrain, the beans exhibit dense caramel sweetness and complexity
  • Single variety of Typica - Typica is a pure classical Arabica coffee variety, which exhibits great flavors but yields less and susceptive to coffee diseases. This is very rare in Sumatra coffee. Most Sumatra coffee in the market are usually mix of Typica and other Arabica and Robusta hybrid coffee varieties, which yield more but less flavorful. 
  • Fully washed, instead of the traditional Sumatra "Wet Hulled". The fully-washed process makes the cup much cleaner.
More Bean Facts    
Origin Country: Indonesia  
Region: Mountain Kerinci,  Sumatra  
Farm/Trader: Farms in Gunung Tujuh and Kayu Aro  
Elevation: 1400~1500 meters  
Variety: Typica  
Grade: 1  
Processing Method: Wet process  

Recommended Brew

Recommended for Easy Pour Over, Pour Over, AeroPress and Espresso.

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    Voca Sumatra - You can taste the quality! Loved it!

    Posted by M. Yee on Jul 15th 2019

    I ordered a 12 oz bag of Voca Sumatra about 2 weeks ago. My husband and I loved it so much that we drank it practically every day and used all of it. We did a coarse grind with the French Press method. This Sumatra is unlike any other in taste and quality. It makes a rich, flavorful and smooth cup of coffee whether you like it with cream and sugar or black.

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