New - Sumatra Peaberry - Classical Earthy Smooth (新品 - 苏门答腊圓豆 -经典浓醇)

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Flavor Notes:
Smooth, caramel, dark chocolate, spice and burned sugar aroma
Roast Level:
Medium to dark

One of Voca’s most favorite classical coffee beans. Amazingly smooth, intense, complex, with expressive cider and herbal aroma, sweet and syrupy mouth feel, heavy body, smooth, low acidity. 

Recommended for classical coffee lovers, who prefers the low acidity, big body strong coffee.

More Bean Facts    
Origin Country: Indonesia  
Region: Lintong,  North Sumatra, Indonesia  
Farm/Trader: Raja Batak  
Elevation: 1400+ meters  
Variety: Ateng, Bergendal, TimTim  
Grade: Peaberry  
Processing Method: Wet hulled  

Recommended Brew

Recommended for Easy Pour Over, Pour Over, AeroPress and Espresso.

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