New - Organic Ethiopia 100% SWP DECAF - Smooth and Intense Grape (新品 - 有机 - 依索比亞無因咖啡 - 濃醇葡萄風味 - 健康瑞士水處理)

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Flavor Notes:
Smooth and sweet, intense Kyoho grape, muscovado sugar
Roast Level:
Medium to dark

A truly intense and clean Decaf, which you don't feel the trace of decaf process.

Excellent Decaf espresso choice; great for pour over too.

As espresso, it's syrupy, juicy and complex. The intense flavor and complexity shine even after adding milk - a super sweet espresso. 

For pour over, it starts with intense muscovado sugar aroma and the sweet fragrance continues through out the brew. The cup tastes intensely sweet and smooth, reminds me Kyoho grapes. It tastes unusually clean and you can hardly find any trace of Decaf.  

This is also our first natural processed SWP Decaf coffee. Naturally processed coffee usually has more sweet, juicy and syrupy traits. 

More Bean Facts    
Origin Country: Ethiopia  
Region: Limu Kossa     
Farm/Trader: Limu Kossa farm  
Elevation: 1900 ~2100 meters  
Variety: Heirlooms  
Grade: Grade 1  
Processing Method: Natural processed and 100% SWP Decaffeinated  

Recommended Brew

Recommended for Easy Pour Over, Pour Over, AeroPress and Espresso.

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