Voca Story


Voca Coffee is a boutique specialty coffee roaster in Fremont California and an online coffee retailer.

It offers a collection of premium coffee beans originated from the most renowned coffee producing regions, like Sumatra, Java, Ethiopia, Kenya and Costa Rica etc. Voca Coffee specially designed roasting profiles, roast-to-order and cupping processes assure the coffee reaches you at their peak freshness and with the balance of fragrance, flavor and body. Voca coffee selections are available through the online store at: www.vocacoffee.com.

Voca came from a latin word: Vocari. It means the calling from god. Everyone has a god inside. Therefore, Voca essentially means the calling from inner self.

Through hand-crafted coffee, Voca Coffee wishes to offer you a space and a moment to listen to the inner calling, and follow!


Voca Story Part I - Connecting Coffee with Culture and Art



Voca Story Part II - Coffee's Sense of Beauty



Voca Story Part III - What Does Voca Mean



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