Whole Bean 24-Bag Pre-Paid Subscription - Love All: Plus 3 Bags for Free

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Buy Pre-Paid subscription, and get free coffee

This pre-paid bundle offers:

  • 24 bags 12OZ whole bean coffee, which is usually $24 per bag
  • Additional 3x 12OZ whole bean coffee for FREE
  • You may select the coffee you like. Or you may also leave it to us to select the best coffee matching your preferences.
  • Always fresh, roast at you preferred frequency
  • You get coffee, and we will manage all the rest of the subscription
  • You may postpone or pull-in your deliveries. Just contact us through email or WeChat. 
  • Expiration. The bundle is valid for 3 years since the day you made the purchase. So you have peace of mind that you will have enough time to enjoy all 24 bags of  coffee. 

Better Coffee, Save Money, Save Time

More Time to Enjoy Better Coffee => A Even Happier You  :-)

Coffee Choices

Coffee is seasonal by nature. Therefore, the specific coffee may change during your subscription period. At Voca Coffee, we always choose the top quality seasonal coffee harvests and freshly roast them to perfection.

For the Love All Beans subscriptions, you may relax and let us choose the coffee for you. Here are some example of our coffee offerings:


  • Sumatra
  • Java
  • Sulawesi
  • Yemen
  • Colombia
  • Ethiopia Classical/Espresso Roast

Floral & Fruity

  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya 
  • Rwanda
  • Costa Rica

We will try to alternate the coffee to you. For example, if you choose to have two bags of coffee per delivery, we may send you Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe and Sumatra this time, Kenya and Java next time, then Rwanda and Colombia ...

Additional Instructions

You you'd like to specify a few preferred regions, or tell us other instructions, you may leave a note in the text box of "What else you'd like to tell Voca Coffee".

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