Is This Wine or Coffee?

Is This Wine or Coffee?

Posted by Wen Yang on Jul 30th 2018


The answer is: COFFEE!

It is a coffee that looks like wine, smells like wine and taste like wine, too.

That is our new roast of  natural processed Ethiopia Guji coffee.  

Great Coffee Worth the Wait

Remember quite a few months ago, we offered our first wine like coffee: Ethiopia - Creamy Wine. 

That was also a natural processed high altitude coffee from Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe region. With stunning wine traits, it had surprised Voca Coffee friends circles the first time that a coffee can really look, smell and taste like wine. It got so popular and was soon sold out. 

For almost half year, we have been looking for another natural processed Ethiopia with equal or better quality. We did not want to settle with anything less. 

And finally we found it. After sample roasting and cupping, we can say: it's totally worth the wait!

The New Ethiopia Guji: Sweet Floral Wine

This coffee is perfumery fragrant. The moment you open the bean jar, the unmistaken wine aroma emerges, followed by floral. after a few minutes, the sweet sugary aroma starts to dominate. 

The dry grinds would first exhibit wine trait, and then spices, ripe papaya aroma, and followed by sweet floral fragrance.

When hot water first hits the grinds, a clear sweet and floral fragrance swirls up, so pleasant and gentle ... God, this is amazing!

And the brew continues show stunning wine traits, honey like sweetness, floral and fruity aroma .... 

At first a couple of sips, the coffee taste like wine, very clean and smooth, with amazing complex and subtle nuances. 

Later, mild fruity aroma and taste starts to show up.

Wait for some more time, the honey and white peach like sweet and moist flavors prevail.

The coffee has a long finish. After finishing the coffee, the pleasant sweet and moist flavor would stay on tongue for hours - another amazing fact that we discovered on this Ethiopia Guji coffee.  

For pour over, we prefer coffee to water ratio of 1:15, which brings the best elegance and subtlety of this coffee, the coffee taste clean, mild, smooth and sweet. However, if you are looking for more intense flavors, you can try 1:13 and or 1:14, the coffee would come out much more brighter and heavier, with clear blueberry and raspberry notes.

Do I Have to Use a Wine Glass?

Yes. To drink this coffee the right way, you have to use a wine glass.


First, for the color - to show the translucent amber red.

Second, for the convenience to swirl the coffee, just like connoisseurs swirling wine, which draws more oxygen from the air. The oxidization not only intensifies the aroma, but also makes the coffee smoother and sweeter. 

And remember, you must give the coffee a few swirls before you drink it.

Learn more about our  new natural processed Ethiopia Guji coffee:

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